We create digital products using chatbots,
AI and mobile technologies. For our partners.

Chatbot development

We create chatbots and mobile apps using rich text interfaces and AI solutions.
We provide full service development from business insight to final production.

User Experience

We transfer user experience into the text interfaces. Botlab always find UX insights for your business tasks.


Chatbots is an excellent platform for fast testing of ideas and experiments. Read about it.


We design dialog interfaces and create high-quality content for the bots and applications.


We develop chatbots for all platforms and mobile applications with interactive interfaces.


We work in a very dynamic industry and constantly apply the latest innovations to our projects.


saves your money

Add CashBackAir chatbot and get compensation up to €600 for delayed or cancelled flights. Get used to adding information about your flight tickets to CashBackAir.


Node.JS, MongoDB, Claim API


  آشنایی دیگر

Fortunekey is a telegram chatbot for the Iranian and other closed markets. Bot implements mechanics similar to Tinder on the Telegram environment


Python, PostgreSQL


AI Coach system is a chatbot inside a series of apps called To Sports. It is able to get your sports goals aligned in a simple and intuitive fashion. The app collects user's stats, analyses it and compiles an optimal training program for the user. The app’s algorithm uses neural networks to adjust the program after each workout.


Fall 2017


iOS, Python, MongoDB, API.AI


Node.js is in the heart of most our projects because it's native to many bot platforms. To power the most high-performant projects — to withstand high speed and build AI applications we use Python and mongoDB.
We are in love with API.AI natural language recognition. We respect Microsoft's contribution to bot technologies and love to work with Microsoft Cognitive Services and Microsoft Bot Framework.
We use Swift language for iOS dev and React Native for both platforms.

P.S. We are fans of blockchain technologies and use
Ethereum smart contracts for our projects.

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